Penelope T. Salmons
President, COO and Co-Founder
Fibrtec Inc
M (202) 746-8087 (903) 306-2385
Penelope T. Salmons, President/COO and Fibrtec Inc Co-Founder has over twenty
years of management experience with global company leaders in both the high tech and
capital markets where she facilitated businesses transformations thru monetizing hard
and soft business assets.
An IBM Services principal for 16 years and a professional hire with IBMs Independent
Business Unit (IBU) that helped reposition IBM by transforming its go-to-market strategy
from product-based to services based. In 1987 she was recognized with IBM’s “Dir. of
Engineeringtop IBM award for her services.
She was subsequently recruited into Life Sciences by Informax (acquired by Invitrogen)
as a Sr. Director that led its go-to-market strategy transformation from product to
services. While there, she also managed the 48 person Informax Team of
PhDs/Medical Doctors that developed the algorithms to provide public access to the
Human Genome repository at NCBI of NIH.
In 2002, she was recruited as a Managing Director by a New York Strategic Banking
firm to lead the capital formation of development stage companies. In that capacity she
became familiar with leading edge technologies and nanotechnology and she has held
executive and equity positions in both Rosseter NanoComposites, LLC and Rosseter
Holdings Ltd.
Ms. Salmons holds a Bachelors in Computer Sciences from the University of Florida
and a Masters Degree from Harvard University in Public Administration with a Minor in
Business Administration.