Water Innovations

The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation/NanoBCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our mission is to educate Americans on rebuilding the United States' crumbling water infrastructure. WIAF/NanoBCA utilizes the Science of Nanotechnology to repair America's water infrastructure. WIAF/NanoBCA offers a monthly webinar to share information with the scientific and engineering communities. WIAF/NanoBCA serves the entire spectrum of the water sector: utilities, biotech industry, engineering firms, start-ups, NGOs, research centers, municipalities, and others in the field. Vincent Caprio, Founder of WIAF/NanoBCA was named to 2021 Environment+Energy Leader 100 Honoree List. We are unique, as we are America’s only nonprofit dedicated to the repair of America’s water infrastructure utilizing the Science of Nanotechnology. Our fundraiser will provide scholarships to engineers and scientists.


Vincent Caprio, MBA, MPA

Founder & Executive Director

Water Innovations Alliance Foundation